Friday, 18 November 2016

Make Your Reader Want to Read and Read Again

OK, this is the last way to boost your PopAds Income

Split Article

Do you realize it?
How many page I wrote this article for you?
Actually I can wrote all these in one page from the first to the end. But if I did, I just get one traffics from you.
I split this article into about 6 pages.
When you come to my blog, at least i get 6 clicks from you.

Advertisements from PopAds will only appear when someone click on your blog. To get click from you, I made my articles split-ed into few pieces.

If you read my article from the begininng, i got 6 clicks from you on my blog.

one = 6 clicks
100 = 600 clicks
Now, you already get my point!

That's my ways to boost my income from PopAds

Hopefully it is valuable to you and hope your earnings will increase significantly.

Ok, I will update the information, so bookmark my blog. Come again to get more info from me. 

Thanks for reading.


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