Friday, 18 November 2016

How to Setup PopAds Code on Your Blog or Site

Let's continue to our lesson on PopAds......
This post will shows you how to setup PopAds code on your blog or site. I use this tutorial using free blogger account as an example. Lets move on.....

1. Log into your PopAds account using your username and password

2. In the left side of your member dashboard click on "Add New Website".

3. Complete the form as seen below and then click "Add Website"

Site name is the title of your own site, example: Make Online Income with PopAds.
Site URL is your own blog or site for example
Description is kind of explanation of what your site is providing
Keywords are keyword of your targeted blog audience
Category: Choose one that is related to you blog.

Then Click Add Site

Your site is added, you need to wait until 24 hours for the administrator to check your site. In the next day, you will know your submission is approve or not.

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