Friday, 18 November 2016

Free 100,000 Traffic for Your Blog Site

This is the third way to boost your PopAds income.
Traffics. Yes Traffics.
You will get almost nothing if your blog doesn't get any traffics. Why? It's because PopAds appear when someone come to your blog. So traffics to your blog is very important.

More traffics mean more income you will get.

There are many ways to get free traffics.
The best way to get free traffics is to post your article on your blog regularly.
The more article you post, more traffics you will get. This way is the best way to get free 100,000 traffics to your blog.

You can also place your blog link while you write your status on Facebook or Twitter.
The aim is to let people come to your blog regularly.

So far...... I hope you still continue reading.

This is the smart way to multiply at least by 5 times of your traffics.

If in a day there are 1000 people come to your blog. It will be be equal to 5000 people come to you.


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